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    Snapped your key in the lock barrel? Don’t panic just yet! Our locksmith London service can get you in, and you neednt worry about damage to your property either when non destructive is possible. Please note that the term locksmith London is used to refer to the Locksmith London blog. Locksmiths is a service that puts you in touch with a locksmith.... Read More »

    Timers wired though the mains

    For locksmith London this type of timer is of preference, a timer which is hooked up to the mains, controlled by a digital display. These timers also come with utility for convenience in your day to day life as well as most commonly offer good flexible programming, meaning that dynamic schemes can be set, which are more changing in time, and therefore... Read More »

    Common plug timers

    The most commonly used timer which in practice is the type that you just place between the light and your socket at home. They are easy to set, and most commonly very affordable in price. There are of course some digital versions, often with a display which are commonly used as well, and when it comes to what choice between the two is the better.... Read More »

    Information on Light timers

    If you ask any home security expert the vast majority of them would agree that leaving lights on light timers is good when you go away. The locksmith London team of course agrees on this as well and would advice it to anyone that is planning to spend time away. In placement and setting the timers the London team would recommend just to mimic your own... Read More »

    Key-less House Key pros and cons from your Locksmith London

    With new technology comes also what seems more and more like a sci-fi home. Something that many are considering these days is that of installing a locking system at home which does not feature a key. Locksmith London understands that it can be very annoying and highly frustrating to look for your keys in your purse or the multitude of pockets, which seem to... Read More »

    Beware of the dog!

    One of the most efficient methods of keeping your home secure which we as a locksmith London security service agrees with, is that of keeping a security guard. Of course we are speaking here, of the creature also known as man’s best friend. With a hyper sensitive sense of smell a dog makes the perfect intruder alarm, and intruder protection. However,... Read More »

    Raising home security awareness

    Ask any locksmith London expert and you’ll find that we all agree that home security here in the UK is something that we need to raise awareness about. We see that there are many homes that lack proper protection, and often it’s not due to the fact that making sure that the security is up to date is too expensive. But simply due to the fact that... Read More »

    Common Sense Every Day Home Security

    In our security blog we have brought up many home tips and tricks which you can use. And with small changes or small investments you can greatly improve the security rating of your home. Today we would like to step away a little bit from that subject, and bring it back to people, thought and common sense. As a Locksmith London service, we often see... Read More »

    Mock CCTV, Fake Eye, Pretend Surveillance

    Finding the best possible security solution at home is not always easy, and that is why the locksmith London service are always happy to help and give you the advice needed for your property. Today we would like to give you a tip of a home security method that is tried and tested as one of the most efficient methods, especially for the cost and the... Read More »

    Tips to prevent a lockout emergency from a Locksmith London professional

    Something that we are well aware of here is the large amount of stress which an unfortunate lockout emergency can cause. Should disaster hit, and you are in need of a 24 hour available locksmith London emergency lockout service provider, there is no need to distress as you can always get in touch with our professional team who will be with you before... Read More »

    A Security Awareness Reminder

    For a locksmith London service with experienced eyes, we are often encountered with security situations which are not to the standards which the current state of the society dictates. Simply saying that many UK homes today do not have the security means or practices in place to ensure that their home is as safe or as protected as the reasonably should... Read More »

    Keeping informed with your swift locksmith London service

    Something which the team here places high value on when it comes keeping the level of you security at home or for your company at a high standard is always making sure that you are informed. This is something which your locksmith London team can help you with, on this point we are always alert, and aware of what is happening. Not only on the industry... Read More »

    Tips to remember to close your open windows

    The summer has arrived and as the sun is making its appearance it’s easy to understand that we can’t wait to get out into the sunshine! This is something your locksmith London service team is highly understanding of and we are thankful for the great blessing of warm weather and sunshine. However, what we as a trusted locksmith London service also... Read More »

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